Purchases will be going thru my paypal until i set up another option. Please note that all items have a shipping price as well(depending on size and weight). Prints sold with or without frames.

Paypal: robertsullen1978@yahoo.com

All prints for sale: 8x10 - $25.00/ 16x20 - $100.00/ 16x24 - $120.00/ - Please contact me if interested in any prints. Please let me know if you want a different size, smaller or larger than what i specified.
Punkitos pack - sticker with pins! pins include: P.P. Punkitos logo and Tanzkommando Untergang $5.00
I have lots of friends who can't afford to buy fancy shit, so this is a great affordable way to own some of my photography, and its framed! These 11x17 framed color photo copied prints are exact replicas of the authentic prints. For those of you who can't afford the real photographic paper prints. These are great and ready to hang on your wall. 11x17 glass frames. Any prints are available in this version. $25.00
Punkitos Logo Tote - 14x15 $10.00 *SOLD OUT
Fronterra Tote - 14x15 $10.00 *SOLD OUT
Corruptos Tote - 14x15 $10.00 *SOLD OUT
Postcards 4x6 10 per pack. $5.00 each pack. One pack contains ALL bands the other contains all scenic shots *SOLD OUT
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